Friday, September 21, 2012

Brooklyn, New York - Five Borough Small Business Networking Event October 31, 2012

Brooklyn, New York – On Wednesday, October 31, 2012 at 8:30 a.m. – 10:30 p.m. a Five Borough Small Business Networking event designed to Celebrate and Boost small business owners and professionals unique brand in an effort to stimulate the local economy. Small Business Owners and Professionals from the borough of Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Bronx, and Staten Island will be participating in this event to stimulate the local economy. The event’s primary purpose is to foster economic development opportunities for business owners and professional in the five boroughs. The unique benefit that will be offered to all attendees are enhanced branding opportunities, unique selling opportunities, customer acquisition on the spot strategies, increased media contacts, power networking with masters, and an opportunity to celebrate their own brands with a “2 minute Pitch” of their product , service or small business organization. A breakfast buffet is included in the cost of admission to the event. All business studies have confirmed that there is a direct correlation to small business networking activities in the proper setting and environment leading to sustainable business enterprises and greater quality leads for prospective business opportunities in the marketplace. In today’s business climate business owners and professionals have a greater need to seek out and maintain quality contacts and professional networks. The purpose of business to create and keep existing customers, and viable business networks enhance a business owner’s potential to fulfill its business purpose. The small business series will be an ongoing series that will improve a company’s ability to retain the proper human, social and economic ties that will lead to a sustainable business climate in the five boroughs. It is our belief that business development on a local, regional, and national level will increase both employment opportunities and increased trade which will stimulate the economy. The Small Business Networking Series was designed to directly tune in to business owner’s need to bring enhanced promotional opportunities to their unique product and services to help grow their existing businesses to the next level. Aspiring business owners are also encouraged to attend to learn how to position their future businesses, and learn the art of the perfect pitch. Business Organizations, Business Associations, Chambers of Commerce, Small Business Owners, Professionals, and Aspiring Entrepreneurs are encouraged to RSVP early. To register today log on to or . Log on to the above sites for more information, early registration, business card advertisement or sponsorship opportunities. You may also contact us via telephone at 646-593-8423 for event registration or email us today @

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Hempstead, New York - Networking in the Hub July 24, 2012 African American Museum

Hempstead, New York - Networking in the Hub July 24, 2012 African American Museum Hempstead, NY (PAPR) - Hempstead, Long Island has been long considered the Hub or epicenter of business. Recognizing this fact, small business owners around the region will converge on Hempstead on Tuesday, July 24, 2012 in an effort to network and to develop strategies that would help them stimulate their own personal economic success. The event will be held at the African American Museum 110 North Franklin Street in Hempstead from 12:00 pm – 4:00 pm.
Dubbed "Networking Tuesdays in the HUB," the event is intended to bring the small business owners, community and civic leaders together to share information and support each other in these tough economic times, giving these professionals the opportunity to meet and talk with others in business and get results for what they want to do. Each participant will also get a chance to introduce and/or promote his or her business. The special guest speakers for the event are Phil Andrews, CEO PA Public Relations Company/President 100 Black men of Long Island, Inc. Topic: How to Master the art of Networking to Increase Your Bottom Line Gail Lewis, Toastmaster – Mastering the art of a Great Elevator Speech. "Community development is an important idea, and it is central to returning the Village of Hempstead to its glorious past and rightful title as the Hub of Nassau County," said Claude Gooding, Commissioner of Community Development Agency for the Village of Hempstead. Networking Tuesdays in the HUB, a Business-2-Business event is presented by Hempstead community-based newspaper, The Hempstead/Uniondale Times, along with Power Networking Business Seminar Series. The event will be covered by the local press TV and newspaper. The cover charge is $15.00, payable via Eventbrite @ , credit card or check/money order. Reservation and payment required. For further information, registration, sponsorship and benefits, call (516) 292-1263 or (347) 475.7158. For more information via email contact us at or